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High quality pork,

from our family to yours.

  • Quality pork, born and raised in Nebraska.

  • Family owned and operated by the Bartling family since 1896.

  • Processed at a federally inspected processor in Nebraska.

  • We are PQA (Pork Quality Assurance) certified to ensure quality standards.

Pork Sampler Box

In stock
Product Details

This is a great way to sample your favorites! 30 different cuts for a discounted package price of $243.77!

It comes with one package of Boneless Pork Chops, Bone-in Pork Chops, Pork Steak, Ham Steak, Pulled Pork, Beer Brats, Original Fresh Brats, Bacon/Cheddar Brats, Philly Swiss Mushroom Brats, Jalapeno/Cheese Brats, Pepperjack Brats, Mac & Cheese Brats, Pineapple Brats, Original Polish Dogs, Cheddar Polish Dog, Jalapeno/Cheddar Polish Dogs, Sausage Links, Bacon Links, Original Bacon, Maple Bacon, Raspberry Chipotle Bacon, Pork Burger Patties, Bacon Burger Patties, Ground Pork, Ground Pork w/ Bacon, Original Sausage Patties, Southern Style Sausage Patties, Ground Sausage, Ground Italian Sausage, and Southern Style Ground Sausage

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All orders will be shipped out the following Monday OR Tuesday to avoid delays over the weekends.

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